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Why Does My Brake Pedal Feel Soft or Spongy?

Your brakes are the #1 most critical safety feature on your car, SUV, or truck. And it can be quite alarming if you notice that your brake pedal feels spongy or soft. A soft brake pedal often means that there is an issue with your brake system that requires repairs.

Below are some common reasons why your brake pedal may feel spongy:

Air in the Brake Lines: Air bubbles can form in your brake lines, which can cause your brake pedal to feel spongy. The brake lines can become compromised when the brake system is opened up for repairs, or if the brake fluid level gets too low. Bleeding the brake lines can remove air bubbles and restore the proper brake pedal feel.

Worn Brake Pads: Over time, your brake pads can wear down and become thin, which can cause your brake pedal to feel spongy. It makes your brakes work harder to create enough friction with the brake pads to slow your car. 

Leaking Brake System: If there is a leak in your brake system, it can cause the brake pedal to feel spongy. When the brake fluid leaks out of the system, it reduces the pressure in the system and causes the brake pedal to feel spongy. A leaking brake system is a serious safety issue and should be addressed immediately by a professional mechanic.

Contaminated Brake Fluid: If your brake fluid becomes contaminated with moisture or debris, it can cause your brake pedal to feel spongy. The dirty brake fluid cannot build up the required pressure to properly engage the brakes. Flushing and replacing the brake fluid can correct the feeling in your brake pedal.

If you notice that your brake pedal feels spongy, please visit the brake experts at Olympic Transmissions & Auto Care promptly. 

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