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Cooling System Flush Service

Cooling System Flush

A cooling system flush is an important part of preventative maintenance and helps to keep your car healthy and on the road. The major components of the cooling system are the water pump, freeze plugs, the thermostat, the radiator, cooling fans, the heater core, the pressure cap, the overflow tank and the hoses.

Your cooling system is what keeps your car from overheating. It works by circulating a mixture of water and coolant through the engine. Over time the coolant mixture becomes contaminated with scale and rust, which can clog and damage the cooling system components. A cooling system flush essentially flushes out the entire system of contaminants and replaces the coolant mixture with fresh coolant and water.

If this important service is not done every 3 years or 30,000 miles, you may experience damage to the water pump, corrosion and leaks in the radiator or heater core, head gasket leaks & eventually, complete engine failure.

Things to watch for

-Check antifreeze/coolant level monthly. Only use a 50/50 solution of anti-freeze/coolant and water.
-Water quality plays an important role in protecting the cooling system. A high mineral content may cause scaling or corrosion. Deionized or distilled water should be used in 50/50 solution.
-CAUTION: Do not remove the radiator pressure cap when the engine is HOT.
-Inspect belts monthly. Replace belts that are worn, frayed or glazed. Adjust belts when more than 1/2 inch can be depressed between the pulleys.
-Belts with spring-loaded tensioners do not require manual adjustments.
-Replace bulging, rotten, or brittle hoses and tighten hose clamps. If a hose looks bad or feels too soft or too hard, it should be replaced.

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