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Why Can’t I Turn My Steering Wheel?

The steering wheel is one of the many parts that make up your vehicle’s steering system. It is necessary to give you optimal control of your vehicle. When you need to change directions in your car, you need to be able to move your steering wheel swiftly. If you notice your steering wheel stiffening or locking up, please get repairs immediately. 


Below are some of the reasons why your steering wheel is stuck:

Worn Steering Rack

The steering rack is made up of the pinion and rack. And this part is ultimately connected to the steering wheel. If the rack is worn down, it can affect your steering capabilities.

Low Power Steering Fluid

Poor lubrication could be the culprit of your hard-to-turn steering wheel. If you have a leak in your hydraulic power steering system, it can certainly cause a stiff steering wheel. Leaks can occur for a number of reasons including cracked or damaged hoses. 

Faulty Serpentine Belt

The serpentine belt is a long belt that runs through various systems in your car, including the power steering pump. If this belt is damaged or loose, it can cause your power steering system to malfunction.

Failing Steering Pump

When you have a bad steering pump, one of the first signs you’ll notice is noisy steering. If your car struggles to turn and is accompanied by unusual sounds, please have a professional tech inspect your pump. 


Steering your car towards a certain direction should be a seamless task. The whole point of the power steering system is to make handling and controlling your vehicle easier. When your steering wheel is difficult to turn, you know you have a major problem. To ensure you and your loved ones are safe, please bring your car to Olympic Transmission & Auto Care at the first sign of trouble.

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