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Why Aren't My Vehicles Headlights Working Properly

Headlights can stop working very often because of their constant use. If you are driving and someone is flashing their high beams at you, they probably want to let you know that one of your headlights is not working. It can go unnoticed that happens more often than you think but don't worry. Here are several headlight problems you might experience and what they mean.

Dim Headlights

Working but dim headlights? The problem may lie in either insufficient power or foggy lenses. A dying car battery can cause electrical malfunctions like headlight dimming, which can be resolved by recharging or changing the battery at a repair facility. On the other hand, there are a couple of ways you can fix foggy lenses. You can have them changed, polished, sanded, or swap the whole headlight if needed.

We advise you to visit a mechanic if you suspect any other symptoms of a dying batter because it might get more serious.

One Headlight Is Not Working

If only one of the headlights is not working, this points directly at a burned-out bulb or relay. A quick swap is everything it takes to solve this issue. Keep in mind that if this occurs constantly, a more complex electrical problem can be present.

High Or Low Beam Headlights Don't Work

Only one of the high or low beams is not working. A short circuit in the relay or switch is the problem. The whole bulb can also be burned. If you want to DIY it, take a look at the replay panel layout in the owner's manual. Then determine which replay is for the problematic headlight bulb and try to change it. But if you don't want to experiment, visit a local repair shop so they can take a look.

Both Headlights Are Not Working

Another problem you might experience is both of the headlights not working. Insufficient grounding or cable malfunction, burned-out bulbs, and insufficient power could be the issue. While uncommon, a water leak in the headlight can also happen and damage everything.

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