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When to Get Cooling System Repairs

Every car is fitted with a cooling system that prevents it from overheating and damaging your engine. It usually restores and maintains the right and optimum operating temperature in your engine block. The cooling system comprises the radiator, fan, thermostat, fan, water pump, freeze plug, and other vital components.

When to get your Cooling System Repaired

Your vehicle progressively heats when you start the engine, and the cooling system is critical in ensuring it remains healthy without any exposure to damaging heat. However, the cooling system components may malfunction and cause problems. Ensure it's repaired if you notice the following signs of cooling system trouble.


This is usually the most significant sign of a car overheating. When you notice smoke coming out under the hood, you should pull over immediately to a safe place and check. It's a common sign of overheating, indicating cooling system trouble.

Low Coolant Level

When you notice a drop in your coolant level, you may top it off. However, let an expert check it first for any underlying issues, such as leaks pointing to a faulty cooling system.

Rising Temperature Gauge

When the temperature gauge rises, it's a common sign that the cooling system is malfunctioning. Ensure you stop your car and call a reliable mechanic to determine the problem.

White Exhaust Smoke

When coolant burns inside the combustion chamber, it produces white smoke. This could indicate a crack in the engine block or a motor leak that needs repair immediately to prevent further cooling system problems.

Visible Coolant Leak

Generally, the coolant is bright green with a sweet smell. When you notice this fluid underneath the front of your car, it's leaking. When the antifreeze level drops, it causes overheating, a common cooling system problem.

Overall, regular vehicle maintenance is recommended to identify potential problems in your cooling system. Still, always be on the look for these signs of trouble, and if you notice any and need cooling system repair, please bring your car into our auto repair shop today.


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