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When Should I Replace My Car Battery?

A car signals or lets you know when something is wrong. Common indicators of trouble include illuminated dashboard lights, strange sounds, and smells. Also, the manufacturer's manual may state the approximate timeline of most parts, like the battery.
While there's no specific lifespan, a car battery needs replacement at least every three years, depending on some factors. But first, here are signals to replace your battery.

Signs that it's Time to Replace Your Car Battery

It's frustrating when your car fails to start, and after checking, everything seems fine. Look out for these signals of a dying battery.

Dim Headlights

When you notice your headlights are no longer as bright as they used to be, your battery is not generating enough power. If it persists after recharging, replace it.

Low Engine Starts

If your engine requires a lot of cranking before starting, it indicates that the battery is not keeping enough charge like before and it's dying.

Misshapen Battery Case

When the heat is extreme and acidity builds up, it can cause the case to swell and eventually crack, causing more damage. Consider a replacement if the case no longer appears rectangular with straight-side or edges.

Quick Build-up of Corrosion

A build-up of corrosion around battery terminals is normal. However, when it builds up too quickly, it signals a faulty battery needing a replacement.


A battery giving a rotten egg odor signals a leaking gas. This shows it's faulty and requires quick replacement before it damages other car components.

Factors affecting Battery Life

The most common factors affecting your battery life include heat, time, and vibrations. Here's a short breakdown of each.


When heat exceeds the recommended level, it causes degradation. If you live in a hot environment, your battery degrades faster than in cooler climates.


The battery will die if you leave your car parked for long periods. Also, frequent short trips don't allow the battery to recharge fully and may eventually destroy it.


Vibrations make the internal physical components of the battery break down.
If you notice these signs and need battery replacement, please bring your car to Olympic Transmissions & Auto Care today.

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