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What To Do If There's a Nail in Your Tire

The very first question to answer is, can you drive with a nail in your tire? The answer to this question is yes. You can drive with a nail in your tire as long as the tire is not flat. However, should you choose to do it and for how long? We'll break down al of this in this article, so keep reading.

How Long Can You Drive with a Nail in Your Tire

So, it is totally okay drive with a nail in your tires and you can do this for as long as the tire is not flat. So how long you can drive with a nail in your tire all depends on how severe the nail puncture is on the tire and quickly your tire is losing air. If air loss is slow then you can probably drive on for a couple of miles before needing to change the tire.

With that said, it is not recommended that you choose to keep driving on for long distances with a nail in your tire as it can begin to damage your side walls and eventually worsen the puncture. So dealing wit the problem promptly is a good idea. This is also because it is not advised that you drive around on flat tire for long.

Can a Nail Punctured Tire Be Patched

We all want to save our precious time and money and that means finding working alternatives to solving problems such as a nail punctured tire. Yes, a punctured tire can be patched but only if the damage from the nail puncture is not severe. Assess the tire and the damage, if the puncture is big then the tire must be replaced.
There are chances that you'll be able to plug up the puncture all on your own, if you know all about cars.

However, if you are unsure it is safer to have a mechanic the job for you to avoid any further damage to your vehicle. It is important to remember that patching up the puncture is not a long-term solution, so eventually a tire replacement will be needed. So, If you need your tires patched or replaced, come to Olympic Transmissions & Auto Care today!

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