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What's Wrong With My Vehicle's A/C System?

Getting stuck without a working air conditioning in your vehicle seems to always happen on the day warmer days when you need it most. Driving with the windows down isn't the end of the world, but your comfort while driving is significantly decreased. Understanding what symptoms you are experiencing can help you identify what could be the cause of your issues and how quickly you need to get it fixed. 

There are many different working components in your vehicle's air conditioning system, much like the one you might have at home. These components include a compressor, condensor, evaporator, metering device, hoses or lines, and refrigerant. All work together seamlessly with help from the electrical systems to keep you cool while driving.

Here are some of the common symptoms of a faulty air conditioning system:

  • Air doesn't blow out cool
  • No air comes out of vents
  • Noises when A/C is running
  • Mold or mildew smell coming from vents

No air coming out of the vents can indicate a blower motor or electrical problem. If the air is warm, you more than likely are dealing with low refrigerant, which can be caused by a leak. If you smell mold, you have a ventilation issue which should be addressed for the safety of you and your passengers. 

In order to truly determine what is wrong with your vehicle's air conditioning system, a certified mechanic here at Olympic Transmissions & Auto Care will perform an A/C system test, which will help us understand which component is causing you problems. When we determine the cause, we can provide you with an estimate of the repairs needed to get you driving on the road comfortably again! Give us a call or stop by our Olympia WA auto repair shop today. 

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