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What’s the Difference Between Automatic and Manual Transmissions?

As a vehicle driver, you're probably familiar with the term "driving stick", which refers to driving a car with a manual transmission. While both automatic and manual transmissions are efficient when it comes to moving your vehicle, there are specific differences and pros and cons for both types of transmissions. 

The job of the transmission is to essentially create torque by transferring power from the engine to your vehicle's wheels. The higher speed that your vehicle is traveling, the higher gear required. When driving an automatic transmission vehicle, the gear will automatically shift, while the manual transmission requires the driver to use a clutch to shift gears. 

There are a few different reasons why some drivers prefer a manual transmission to an automatic transmission. For one, some believe it enhances the driving experience. It makes you feel more involved when driving, and gives the driver full control over the gears. Manual transmissions can also cause less to repair, but this depends upon the make and model of the vehicle. 

Those who prefer to drive automatic transmission vehicles enjoy that they don't have to work as hard during their drive and its much easier to drive in stop and go traffic. Plus, if you've never driven stick shift before, it can be difficult and time consuming to learn. It definitely requires a sort of finesse to get the hang of. 

When considering a manual vs automatic transmission vehicle, the first thing to consider is whether or not you want to learn how to work a clutch. It can take some time, and you'll need to be fully active while driving. However, manual transmissions vehicles are typically less costly and transmission repairs cost less. So, these can be deciding factors as well. 

Whether your a manual or automatic transmission vehicle driver, the most important way to avoid any transmission issues is by ensuring your vehicle's transmission is well maintained and properly serviced. Here at Olympic Transmissions & Auto Care, we are the trusted choice when you need transmission repair in Olympia WA!

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