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What is an Oxygen Sensor?

An oxygen sensor is a device which measures the amount of oxygen within the system of your car. It plays a vital role in the internal combustion inside the engine. For this process to work, your engine needs 14 grams of oxygen for every 1 gram of gas. So when it gets low, its time to have a look at it.

Your oxygen is located right on the exhaust pipe of the catalytic converter and is responsible for moderating your fuel efficiency system. When you lose oxygen, you could burn up a lot of gas, so knowing what to do when it goes bad is good for saving money.

Too much oxygen results in a lean ride. But if you have too little of it, the results become serious. You will feel the engine vibrate as you go. This could be a sign of an overheated engine. Since the job of the oxygen is to keep it cool, it should come as no surprise that your exhaust will eventually get affected. If your vehicle starts to emit an unusual amount of pollution, your problem could lie in the oxygen sensor.

When the gas mileage plummets, its time to see about having your oxygen sensor replaced. In other cases where the check engine light flashes or your vehicle fails to meet the minimum emissions standards, the problem lies in a defective oxygen sensor. There are other issues that tie into it, such as an engine that stalls frequently or shakes while sitting. When anything of this ilk happens, the best bet is to replace the sensor right away. Failure to do so will result in a complete breakdown of your vehicle.

It was once recommended that vehicles have oxygen sensors replaced once every 50,000 on average. But with the latest technology, cars today can wait a little longer. In fact, you can now wait until at least 100,000 miles for the latest vehicles. Drivers today can relax knowing that time and money can be saved visiting the mechanic.

But it's not to say that something still couldn't go wrong. The moment you sense trouble is the reason to call a mechanic. If you need oxygen sensor repair, simply bring your vehicle into our shop today!

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