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What Causes NEW Brakes to Squeal?

There's nothing better than pulling out of your car shop knowing your car is safer and more controlled. This is especially true after your brake pad replacement. However, you are caught off guard moments later when you hear the annoying squeak (again)! Are new brakes supposed to squeak? Well - sometimes. The truth is that new brakes can cause noises, but you need to use your context clues and listen carefully in case it is a brake problem. Let's go over the reasons why your new brakes may be squealing!



If it is raining or snowing, the precipitation can get onto your pads and rotors, causing them to squeal. Likewise, overnight condensation accumulating on the metal parts can also cause the same effect. The noise should subside as you drive, so do not panic.


With new brake pads, you probably feel like you can take on anything! Well - not everything! You should remember that constant pressure on the brake pedal and aggressive stops can cause your brakes to get extremely hot and emit an audible sound. To stop this noise, pull over to a safe place, turn off your car, and give your brakes a rest. 


The break-in process ensures your new pads come into contact with the rotors correctly and reduces the chance of glazing and squealing. Even though your mechanic will usually take care of the initial "break-in" steps, your pads may need a few more extra miles to get used to the new parts.


Unless your brake squeals turn into brake grinding (metal-on-metal), you shouldn't worry. It's not likely that you'll hear this particular noise after a brake replacement since a metal-on-metal means you've worn out your brake pads to initiate the wear indicators. However, you can always take your car to Olympic Transmission & Auto Care for an inspection if you aren't sure! For all your auto brake needs, please give us a call or visit!

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