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What are the Different Types of Fluid Leaks?

Your car holds and depends on different fluids to function, and most parts rely on specific liquids for optimal performance and efficiency. This is why it's frustrating when you notice a liquid patch on the ground where you parked your car. Many questions run through your mind, which may drain your energy and peace.

While these fluids should not leak, you may encounter this problem at some point. The leaks could be a minor issue or a sign of a bigger problem. Since car fluid colors vary, understanding the meaning of these leaks may help you avoid the guesswork.

Types of Car Fluid Leaks and How to Identify them

  • Oil Leak

An oil leak is a common problem for many car owners and one of the easiest to spot. When you notice a black stain, puddle, or patch under your car, it is usually an indicator of an oil spill. The problem is a sign of a faulty gasket that an expert must check.

  • Gear Oil Leak

This problem is common in manual transmission vehicles. The oil leaks slowly. It's also highly viscous and appears sticky with a honey-like consistency. The oil also has a distinct smell that you can hardly miss. Gear oil does not leave a pool or patch but a thick glob oozing or sticking to the side of the car. But let an expert verify the type of leak.

  • Coolant Leak

It's hard to miss this type of fluid leak. It forms a bright green, pink, or orange pool. However, it's highly toxic so ensure children and animals stay away from the puddle. This is a coolant leak indicating a problem or a crack in the car's cooling system. Examine your coolant system when you notice this fluid leak under your vehicle.

  • Transmission Fluid Leak

A red or pink pool or patch under your car signals a leaking transmission fluid. However, transmission fluid may vary in color. Therefore, ensure an expert checks and verifies the problem.

  • Power Steering Fluid

Faulty belts or hoses may cause this type of leak, and the dangers are comparable to brake leaks. The problem is indicated by a hissing sound from under your car's hood. The fluid is usually clear or red but turns brownish as it ages. You can easily confuse this with transmission fluid. But an expert will make the correct diagnostics.

  • Brake Fluid Leaks

Brake fluid is typically clear, but sometimes it may have a slight amber tint. The liquid smells like fish oil making it easy to identify. However, regarding safety, when you notice a brake fluid leak, avoid driving your car and contact a professional immediately.

These are some of the most common fluid leaks. Since it may be confusing, please bring your car to Olympic Transmissions & Auto Care today if you notice a leak or need professional fluid repair.

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