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Signs You Need Suspension Repair

When driving, any foreign feeling or sound is an indication of something wrong. If you suspect your suspension needs to be fixed, here are some symptoms to look out for;

Drifting or pulling along bends

When turning, a vehicle with a malfunctioning suspension system would frequently drift or pull. The risk of a rollover increases since the shocks are no longer stabilizing the vehicle body against the gravitational force of a turn.

Having trouble steering

When steering becomes challenging, especially when traveling at low speeds, it may indicate that your suspension or steer systems aren't working properly. Power steering fluid could be low, the power steering pump might be broken, the power steering rack might be leaking, or the control arm bushings can be worn out.

You can feel every hole and bump

You probably have a suspension system issue if you can feel every bump and divot in the road. if you drive over potholes and feel like you've sped over a significant speed bump, your struts and shock absorbers are definitely damaged. These are there to help you maintain control whether shifting, braking, accelerating, or traveling on uneven terrain by stabilizing your ride.

Irregular tire treads

Your car's performance when you're driving may be significantly influenced by your tires. Look at your tires; if the tire is corroding unevenly, there are bald spots, or there are any other indications that the suspension was not holding the car uniformly, there may be unequal pressure on the wheels.

Has a Bounce Test Failure

You can determine if your suspension is worn-out by performing a fast test. Make sure your car is safely parked and not in any danger of rolling before you do anything else. move to the front and press down on it Twice with all of your weight. Then repeat same action on the back. Your car should only rock twice or thrice on its own once you let go.


Driving with suspension issues increases your risk of causing an accident. However, should our want professional help with suspension repair, you can bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop.

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