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Signs of a Failing Water Pump in Your Car

A water pump is a part of your car's cooling system that contributes to keeping your vehicle's engine cool while it's being driven. While a damaged water pump doesn't need immediate attention (in most cases), you should not put off its repair. 


Top 3 Signs of a Damaged Water Pump

  • Leaks - This is the most obvious sign that your water pump may be giving out. Coolant leaks are usually bright colors, so you'll be sure to notice it on the ground. 
  • Engine Overheating - If your engine is heating up more than it needs to, you should consider taking your car to the auto repair shop. An overheating engine can cause irreversible damage to your engine. You will sometimes see it happening as steam will come out from under the hood. 
  • Whining Sounds - If you hear the unusual sounds coming from the front of the engine, you should probably look into it. It may mean that there is a loose cooling system part. One possibility is that the bearings in the water pump are breaking down. If the bearings are done for, the water pump is unrepairable and will need to be replaced.

Cooling System Repairs in Olympia, WA

These are several of the symptoms of a failing water pump. You should never ignore any of these warning symptoms and make the necessary repairs, as replacing an engine can be very costly. If you require a water pump restoration, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Olympic Transmissions & Auto Care today!

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