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Signs of a Dirty or Worn Mass Air Flow Sensor

The mass air flow sensor (MAF) is a component that calculates and decides how much air should go into the engine for the combustion process. Your vehicle should keep the right balance of air and fuel in the engine’s combustion chamber. Over time, the MAF tends to get dirty, which can cause miscalculations in airflow. As a result, the engine will run too rich or too lean, causing issues. Read on to learn more about the top signs of a bad mass air flow sensor:

Illuminated Check Engine Light

When your motor runs an unbalanced air-to-fuel ratio, your check engine light will come on. It will read a MAF error code during diagnostics.

Dark or Black Exhaust Smoke

When your engine doesn’t allow enough air and too much fuel into the combustion chamber, it can cause excess black smoke to blow out the tailpipe. In some cases, it can linger in the catalytic converter and cause a clog.

Poor Fuel Economy

Along with dark exhaust smoke, you will also notice a drop in your fuel mileage. Since your vehicle is signaled to use more fuel, you’re going to be spending more time at the pump. This can cause a hit in your wallet, so please have repairs done as soon as possible.

Rough Idling

When your engine is running lean, your car will idle roughly as a response to the lack of fuel. The same goes for when it is flooded with too much gas. 

Rough Starts

A dirty or malfunctioning MAF causes you to not be able to start your vehicle altogether. As mentioned before, there has to be a balance of both to ensure a smooth and successful engine start. 

Engine Surging or Hesitation

A fuel and air imbalance will cause your engine to hesitate when you try to accelerate. Hesitation is usually a sign caused by too much air, whereas surging means there is too much gas.

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