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Common Causes of a Failed Alternator

The job of your car's alternator is to ensure that the battery remains charged while driving and it also provides current for electrical components such as the power windowns, radio, lights, and more. While often times when your car won't start up or you suspect an electrical issue your mind goes to the battery, the alternator is often a culprit of these symptoms. 

Both your vehicle's battery and altnerator can actually be removed from your vehicle and brought into any auto repair shop or auto parts store for testing. The testing will essentially test the charge of these components and will determine whether or not either of these components are the problem. Other electrical components can also cause issues with your car starting and electrical components such as bad wiring or circuits. 

Here are the common causes of a failed alternator: 

  • Bad Rectifier Diodes
  • Bad Shaft Bearings
  • Bad Wiring
  • Bad Brushes
  • Broken Alternator Belt
  • Blown Out Fuses

If your car's alternator is bad, the usual solution for this is to have the alternator replaced. Rebuilding is sometimes an option, although it does require specialized knowledge and training to do so. If you are experiencing any issues with your vehicle's alternator or battery, give us a call today here at Olympic Transmissions & Auto Care today. 

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