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Celebrate Fall Care Care Month With Us!

The month of October may mark the start of the holidays as we kick off the start of Fall and Halloween. To mechanics, we recognize October as Fall Car Care Month. This means you should start getting your vehicle ready for the cooler months ahead. The weather will begin to change rapidly in Olympia, WA, and it will bring new challenges to your daily commute. Now is the perfect time to be aware of what your car needs! We highly suggest you inspect these fall maintenance items:

  • Brakes - The fall will bring unexpected rain, fog, and even ice. Braking in these conditions can be tricky, and bad brakes can make the situation more dangerous. Your mechanic should examine the rotors, fluid, pads, and lines to ensure that everything is working correctly.
  • Battery - A dead car battery isn't unusual during the colder months, so make sure that your battery has the power to hold a charge. Our techs at Olympic Transmission & Auto Care can test your battery and determine whether you need a replacement for you.
  • Fluids - Please inspect all fluids to make sure they are clean and at a proper level. These fluids include engine oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, windshield wiper solvent, and coolant/antifreeze. 
  • Engine - The engine should be probed for fuel efficiency, and all its essential parts should be free of corrosion and damages.
  • Exhaust - The exhaust system should be able to convert harmful gases to safer ones sufficiently.
  • Steering & Suspension - Both your steering and suspension system work hand in hand to allow you complete control of your vehicle. Please inspect your shocks and struts, chassis, tie rods, and other critical components at the start of the fall.
  • HVAC - You should test the heater, defroster, and air conditioning systems for proper function. This step is not only important for comfort but optimal visibility.
  • Tires - Your tires should have good tread, be in good condition, and have the factory recommended PSI to ensure your safety.
  • Wipers & Headlights - Both of these parts are critical to your road visibility, so make sure that your wipers are fresh and your headlights are clear. 

It's fall which means you should show your car some love. We invite you to Olympic Transmissions & Auto Care for all your automotive needs today!

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