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Car Parts That Potholes Damage

You're driving along on your merry way when suddenly you feel that drop on one side of your vehicle and a harsh pull from the hole - you've hit a pothole. Potholes in the road aren't only an annoyance, but can also cause damage to our vehicles. Sometimes they can't be avoided, especially when they are dead set in the path of your tires. 

How does a pothole form? A pothole happens when soil beneath the road pavement weakens. It usually happens after winter when water and ice finds its way underneath the pavement. This weakens the soil beneath and when cars drive over these areas in the spring, potholes begin to form. 

If you do end up hitting a pothole, be sure to check the following parts for any signs of damage: 

  • Tires - the tires are at the forefront of the impact, so typically they take the biggest blow. Damage to the tires from potholes can include bulges, tread separation, tears, and more. 
  • Wheels - a pothole can put a dent in your wheels and can also force your wheels out of alignment 
  • Suspension - the suspension system can also take damage after potholes, such as misalignment, broken ball joints, and damaged shocks or struts.
  • Exhaust - the exhaust pipe, muffler, or catalytic converter are all at risk for being damaged from a pothole just from scraping them directly. 
  • Body - depending on how big the pothole is and how you fit it, the body of your car can be damaged, so look around your vehicle where you know you hit the pothole. 

The parts listed above can all be damaged due to potholes. If you so suspect that one of your car's components was damaged, bring your car into the experts here at Olympic Transmission & Auto Care. We can perform a visual inspection of your vehicle to determine the extent of the damage and advise you on whether or not any parts need to be repaired or replaced. 

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