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Car Care for New Drivers: Essential Maintenance Tips for Beginners

Owning your first car is exciting, and the first thing most people think about is hitting the open road to test their driving skills. In the heat of excitement, you need to consider your safety by staying aware of your surrounding and familiarizing yourself with traffic laws. A week into owning your car, you may notice there is more to owning a car than fueling. Here are a few maintenance tips to help prolong the lifecycle of your vehicle.

Check the Owner's Manual

Reading the owner's annual may seem like a boring endeavor but may prove invaluable down the road. This document contains important information related to operating and maintaining your car for optimal performance. While most of the information may be considered general knowledge by some people, it's best to take note of key details, including frequency of oil changes, correct tire pressure, and tire rotation. With this information, you can know when to visit your mechanic.

Check Oil and other Fluids

Checking and changing your oil is one of the most basic car maintenance practices aimed at improving your car's functionality. Old or dirty oil can damage your engine hampering its effectiveness. The same applies to other fluids, including brake, coolant, washer, and transmission fluid. During routine maintenance, change the engine oil as you check the level of brake, transmission, and washer fluids.

Check your Tires

Another important part of your maintenance checklist is the tires. Your tires must be in good condition to promote safety and comfortable rides. During an inspection, you need to look at the tire pressure and ensure it's at the correct PSI; this way, you can prevent a costly blowout. It's also advisable to check the tire treads to prevent uneven wear out. Checking the treads helps you determine a rotation cycle for your tires.

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