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Best At-Home Car Washing Tips

If you have a home with a driveway, take the pleasure of washing your car at home. It is not as complicated as you'd think, and it is a wonderful way to cool off in the summer heat. 


Why Should I Keep My Car Clean?

- Keeping it clean will almost guarantee that it holds the highest resale value in the future.

- Clean mirrors, windows, and windshields are required for someone to see all angles correctly when driving.

- It can simply give you a boost of serotonin. Having a tidy car will make you feel confident and comfortable getting you from point A to B.


While it may seem appropriate to grab your water hose and random soap to start, there are specific things you want to consider when washing your car. The last thing you want to see after your hard work is an over stripped car or one with white water spots. 


Use a microfiber cloth or specially made fabric for cars. Using an old t-shirt or rough rag to do the scrubbing can result in scratches on your vehicle. You can find microfiber rags from Amazon or auto retailers.


Use two buckets instead of one. You should use one of your buckets for the dirty soap and water and the other for clear water. Using the two bucket method can ensure that you aren't dragging dirt and grime from the contaminated bucket of water.


If you clean the exterior, clean the interior too. Do not skip out on your car's interior, as it is just important. Over time, your interior collects plenty of dust, hair, crumbs, and who knows what. We recommend using a carpet brush to pick up the scraps from the carpets. Then proceed to use a vacuum.


Do NOT use dish soap to wash your car. The chemical composition of dish soap has specific properties formed to strip oils and grease from your dirty dishes. It is not designed to be used on your car. Additionally, your car's paint has coats of paint that keep it shiny. Mixing the two could strip your car's beautiful paint job. Instead, use a car cleaning solution that is specifically made for a car body. 


Vehicle maintenance also means keeping it as clean as possible. Hopefully, these tips will aid you in your at-home car washing experience. If your vehicle requires service or repair, give us a call or visit Olympic Transmission today. 

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